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Master Firenze, the headmaster of my old school, suggested that I ought to keep a log of everything I learn in my travels to Eorzea and beyond. In this way, I can occasionally review--not to remind myself, so much as to separate one fact from another when they meld together too completely to tease out the details. Of such is made critical thinking, says he.

Therefore, I am using this enchanted grimoire. Unlike the grimoires of arcanists, this one is enchanted to have as much space as I need--and expand within its own pages to make space if needful. It is also able to record images for me, and to incorporate maps. Perhaps, with a little massaging of its enchantment, I can even capture sounds.

If you happen to find this book, please return it to me--but in the interim, make use of its contents.

Conroy Bishop, Demon's Mask Trading Co.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Eorzea
  2. Bestiary

Dedication Edit

To my teacher, Master Firenze. It is no exaggeration to say that I owe him everything, for all that I have, he has given me, and freely. I pray that I do not disappoint his hopes for me.

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